I am a Toronto-based visual artist exploring self-reflection and self-discovery through a practice of drawing and sculpture. Although unique and independent media, I am interested in creating unity by bringing drawing and sculpture together in the form of installation art.

Drawing from personal history, my art explores Persian mystical traditions, particularly the concept of the reachable, the external (zahir), and the unreachable, the internal (batin). Based on these teachings, my art practice seeks to transform the exhibition space through my work and create an experience of unity that brings together the artist, the gallery space, and the viewer, into one Whole.


My art consists of two main segments: traditional drawing (two-dimensional) that includes expressive and observational portrait drawing, and expanded approaches to drawing (three-dimensional paper-based) in the form of geometric sculptures inspired by Persian muqarnas. In both practices, I intend to bring reachable and unreachable into one piece of art.

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